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I didn't get an invitation Email, what do I do?

Send an email to and we'll help you get setup.


My production doesn't match up with my latest sales, why is it wrong?

We'll be uploading closed sales each Tuesday, so your closing may not be "closed" out in accounting quite yet when we upload the data. Your first stop is your title company - be sure they sent the closing docs to accounting. If you don't see the update the next week, then call accounting to check on it, but please wait for that second week before calling.


Can I edit a letter directly in the app?

No, you cannot edit it directly in the app. Our suggestion is to use the "share" icon to email the letter to yourself, then make edits as needed. Print or email the letter from there.


I downloaded the app and put in my license number, but it still won't let me in, why?

Because that's to set up a new account, but you already have an account made for you! Sign in with "Already a member." Use your email address that is in your BAY Office profile, and the temporary password that was emailed to you.


I'm on a team and don't see my production, what's wrong?

The way our accounting system works, for most teams production only is counted under the team leader, so all sales/production data will be in the team leader's account. Fortunately, we have a workaround being developed for a quickly approaching update!


My "Do Today" section is empty, why?

You will need to select a plan to work with! For the launch, we have 2 plans to choose from, "Working ON Your Business" or "Working IN Your Business". To choose one, go to Settings > Profile and select the one you want to use. Plans always start the next Monday, and more will be added.


I've got a different problem and don't see the answer here, how do I get help?

Send an email to and we'll get you where you need to be!


I've got an idea for a feature or improvement,, who do I tell?

Periodically we'll send out surveys and a place for your feedback, keep an eye out for those requests!

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